Mobile Patrol Services


Mobile Patrol Services

All Cities Security provides mobile patrol services for residential communities, shopping centers, hospitals, business complexes, campuses, municipal and private parking lots, parks, construction sites, and other areas where a mobile patrol is needed.

Our mobile patrol services take several forms including marked and unmarked:

Foot patrols
Bicycle patrols
Golf cart patrols
Vehicle patrols

Based on the site’s size and terrain, potential risks, and your unique needs, we develop a comprehensive mobile patrol plan to keep your property and its occupants safe. Our mobile patrol services are available 24/7 we offer both interior and exterior patrols.   

Benefits of Private Mobile Patrols

Whether you need a bicycle, golf cart, or vehicle patrol, having a mobile patrol unit onsite delivers several important benefits including:

Crime deterrent and an element of surprise– Our highly visual patrols make would-be criminals think twice
Parking enforcement
Escort and security service for customers, employees, and patients
Assistance with vehicle breakdowns and non-medical emergencies
Education and enforcement of facility access and policies
Incident response and investigations
Increased interaction with the public
More accessible image
Improved maneuverability and response

All of our patrol officers undergo extensive training relevant to the type of patrol to which they are assigned. For example, bicycle patrol officers are trained in bicycle patrol techniques, maintenance, advanced handling and maneuvering.