Special Events Security


Special Events Security

Southern California plays host to numerous special events including: concerts, conventions, parades, celebrity weddings, festivals, sporting events, movie premieres, political events, demonstrations, marathons, and more. Whenever crowds gather or high profile guests are expected, the potential for an incident increases. All Cities Private Security provides comprehensive security services to ensure the safety and security of your special event, guests, VIPs, and property.

Los Angeles Special Event Security

No two events are identical which is why our special events security process starts with an in-depth consultation where we learn the particulars of the event. From there, we conduct thorough risk and site assessments and develop a security plan with site-specific procedures for the event.

Depending on the nature of the event and its potential risks, we then assemble a team of uniformed security guards and off-duty law enforcement officers. For large events, mobile patrols may be incorporated into the security plan.

All Cities Security has the expertise, experience, resources, and skills required to handle special events of all sizes. Whether you need to keep the paparazzi away, control crowds, or protect expensive assets on display, you can count on us for a proactive approach and custom private security services.