Security Officers

All Cities Security holds itself to a higher standard. As such, we have rigorous hiring and training requirements. Many of our armed and unarmed security officers are former or off-duty law enforcement officers. Each applicant must meet strict hiring criteria and undergo extensive background checks before being considered for employment on our team.

In addition to security-specific skills and qualifications, we look for candidates that take pride in their work and are committed to adhering to our code of conduct. We believe that character, attitude, knowledge, appearance, and conduct are as important to our success as security expertise. Once hired, our security officers go through a series of introductory, advanced, and ongoing training courses.

Private security officers assigned to your facility have met our requirements and possess the following valid credentials:

California security guard registration / license
High school diploma or GED equivalent
Tear gas training for citizens
CPR / First Aid certificate
Permit for exposed firearm / permit to carry firearm

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Security Officer Training

Our training program is expansive with courses covering crucial security, protection, and public safety topics such as:

Public Relations / Community Outreach
Laws of Arrest Techniques
Patrol Techniques
Asset Protection / Loss Prevention
Emergency Planning & Preparedness
Crisis Investigation & Response
Firearms Safety
Handgun Familiarization
Handgun Care, Cleaning, and Storage
Principles of Firearms Shooting
Handgun Combat Shooting
CPR, First Aid, Fire Hazards, and Procedures
Preventative Maintenance
Note Taking & Report Writing
Radio and Telephone Communications & Procedures
Client Communications

Supervisor Training and Duties

Our supervisors meet all of the above and possess a valid 832 PC certificate. This credential is issued by California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) after successful completion of  832 PC Training and Laws of Arrest & Firearms course and its required written and performance exams.
Our supervisors are responsible for:

Ensuring that all post orders are fully understood.
Ensuring that all site supervisors and security personnel comply with our operational standards covering uniforms, regulations, reports, and more.
Supplying each post with adequate supplies and forms.
Inspecting the equipment (radios, vehicles, clocks, etc.) assigned to each post to ensure proper maintenance and that it is operational.
Evaluating and reporting the performance of site supervisors and security personnel on a daily basis.
Completing and submitting a written supervisor’s report for each shift worked.
Making sure all posts are covered. Supervisors report open posts immediately and cover them until a relief officer arrives.
Sign off on all post inspections completed.

All Cities Security has strict hiring and continuous training requirements because you deserve nothing less. We are committed to providing the finest private security services in the Southern California area.

You can rest easy when you partner with us.

Each private security assignment is different, and we tailor our security teams and plans to best address your specific needs.

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