Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security

Uniformed – Unarmed Security Guards

All Cities Security offers both standing, and vehicle patrol security guards. Our unarmed security officers are ideal for areas where a strong visual deterrent or patrol is needed to prevent and report crimes. Each officer  meets or exceed the California Security Guards training requirements, but are also given specific post orders and are trained for the specific site they are assigned to work. They regularly patrol the area on foot, bicycle, golf cart, or vehicle and respond to all alarms and incidents. They remain in constant communication with their on-duty supervisor, ensuring that all incidents are addressed ensuring consistent delivery of services, and immediate response should an emergency arise.


Typical unarmed security guard duties include the following:

Respond to emergencies and notify proper authorities.
Locking, unlocking, and securing facilities, doors, and gates.
Enforce parking regulation on private property.
Conduct random patrols on foot wearing an authorized identifiable security guard uniform and or highly visible, and marked patrol vehicles, bicycles, or golf carts.
Conduct security sweeps using hand held lights that illuminate dark areas where intruders may hide.

Prior to joining our team, security guard applicants must have completed all state-required security training classes and obtained a valid security guard license from California’s Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ( BSIS ). Once hired, all standing and patrol officers undergo comprehensive orientation as well as continuing and recurrent training.  

Security training covers and includes:

Use of force
Use of deadly force and firearms
Use of baton
Use of chemical agents
Radio procedure
Report writing
Legal issues pertaining to security service
Customer service
Public relations

Transition Planning

Because each situation is unique, we follow a comprehensive transition planning process that involves facility assessments, site surveys, Post Orders development, orientation and screening, onsite training, and evaluations. This plan is tailored to your specific requirements and security needs.